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SHU UEMURA - advanced ultime8 sublime tsubaki cleansing oil 450ml set

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SHU UEMURA - advanced ultime8 sublime tsubaki cleansing oil 450ml set

  • ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil 450ml
  • ultime8 sublime tsubaki cleansing oil 15ml x4
  • unlimited block:booster 10ml

no.1# prestige make up remover in 7 Asia markets is reborn with powerful removal system equipped with emulsification technology with high skincare efficacy. Infused with precious Japanese tsubaki totem, from seeds and flowers, this luxurious makeup remover goes beyond cleansing, delivering superior removability with 8 skin reinforcements**. low-friction cushion oil ensures makeup can be removed gently without rubbing the skin.

**refers to smoothness (tactile & visual), radiance, transparency, elasticity, pore visibility, moisturizing and stable sensation.
#shu uemura calculation is based in part on data reported by Beauté Research SAS in May 2023 through its “Asia 7 Markets – Quarterly Retail Sales Report – Q1 2023” in the Department Stores and Boutiques Prestige market. (Copyright ©2023 Beauté Research SAS. The report consolidates 2022 full year sales data in unit & value in the “SKINCARE / CLEANSING / MAKE-UP REMOVERS” segment from participating prestige brands in Department Stores, Boutiques and E-Commerce in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Thailand and in Department Stores and Boutiques in Hong-Kong and Taiwan.

shu uemura, a pioneering make-up artist from Tokyo. As the definitive professional make-up artist brand, Shu Uemura has designed its store as interactive artist studios to share beauty knowledge with customers. The brand’s iconic products include cleansing oil, hard formula, rouge unlimited and foundations tailor-made for Asian skin.
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