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Vita Green - G.E. Yunzhi Essence 360 Capsules

Vita Green - G.E. Yunzhi Essence 360 Capsules

  • 100% Pure Wild Yunzhi
  • Helps fight against and prevent different types of tumors
  • Active Ingredients PSP & PSK can increase immune cells by 2.4 fold*
  • Active ingredients Polysaccharides are 3-times higher than other products in the market*
  • Clinically proven Wild Yunzhi can help enhance patient survival rate
  • Prevents the growth of unhealthy cells in the body
  • Helps relieve side effects during chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Suitable for people with weak immune systems, after surgery or severe illness, before and after chemotherapy and radiotherapy


*Data on file

Vita Green
Vita Green was established in 1993, combines the expertise of Chinese and Western medicine with cutting-edge technology to develop high-quality, safe modern Chinese medicine that helps individuals to improve their health and well-being. With a product line of over 150 items, Vita Green has become a prominent leader in the health supplement industry, with a significant market presence in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Vita Green factory is also one of the very few Hong Kong manufacturers that have obtained PIC/S GMP certification to EU standards, ensuring that the production facilities and quality control meet international standards.
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