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ZOKU® - Coca-Cola Red Slush/Shake Maker 296ml (CC113-RD)

ZOKU® - Coca-Cola Red Slush/Shake Maker 296ml (CC113-RD)

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Make healthy slushies, milkshakes, frozen alcoholic drinks, and fruit smoothies in as little as 7 minutes with this high-performance, design-driven slushy maker.

Try ingredients like blended fruit, homemade juices, malted milk, chocolate milk, sweetened coffee, soda, floats, eggnog, energy drinks, soy milk - we could keep going and so could you.


How To Use:

  • Freeze inner core for 8+ hours
  • Pour in chilled beverage up to the fill line
  • Scrape the wall of the cup with the included spoon to remove ice from wall
  • Stir and watch it freeze!


Product Specifications:

  • Includes: 1 inner core, 1 protective sleeve, 1 spoon
  • Capacity: 296ml
  • Dimensions: 10.2cm(L) x 10.2cm(W) x 17.2cm(H)
  • Weight: 490g
  • Materials: Silicone, PP, Coolant
  • Heat resistance: 70°C ~ -30°C (body)
  • Model: CC113-RD
ZOKU is known for our housewares. But really, we’re in the thinking business. We put the fun in functional with innovative, easy-to-use, well-designed products. ZOKU means family in Japanese. The definition goes beyond creating family memories around our products, it speaks to our culture. Our office—which we designed from scratch—is our playground.
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