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PROFESSIONAL RESULTS THROUGH BOTANICAL SCIENCE Aveda merges the science of performance-driven, vegan and plant-based hair, skin and body and hair care products with the art of the high-touch experience, to offer a comprehensive menu of treatments for head-to-toe beauty. Invati Advanced™ is an innovative system that reduces hair loss by 53%* and instantly thickens the hair when applied once daily. Our patented bio-fermented blend plus our Ayurvedic herb blend with ginseng and certified organic turmeric invigorates the scalp when massaged in, while certified organic amla instantly thickens the hair. Aveda also provides comprehensive hair care system, including botanical repair™ and nutriplenish™ to answer different hair concerns; and skin & body care to soothe mind and nourish skin with pure flowers and plant-derived essential oils, restore the balance of mind and body. *Reduces hair loss due to breakage from brushing, after using the invati advanced™ system for 12 weeks.
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