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Katsuyama Shikuwasa - Shikuwasa Juice Aokiri 300ml

Made in Japan
Katsuyama Shikuwasa - Shikuwasa Juice Aokiri 300ml

  • Made with Shikuwasa grown in the Katsuyama area, this product is manufactured in a factory of a local Shikuwasa grower. Okinawa's Shikuwasa is one of the most famous citrus fruits in Okinawa, it contains a great amount of Nobiletin.

  • In mid-December in the Katsuyama area, the fully-ripe Katsuyama Shikuwasa is one of the most common fruits. Katsuyama's fully-ripe Shikuwasas are sweeter than the Aokiri Shikuwasas, and are easier to drink for those who do not like the sour taste. Katsuyama's fully-ripe Shikuwasa uses Shikuwasa harvested between December to January.


  • Produced in the Katsuyama area, it is natural, healthy, and delicious! Freshly picked shikuwasas, along with peels, are immediately squeezed to make 100% Shikuwasa juice. Shikuwasa's unique ingredient - Nobiletin is mostly contained in the peels.

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