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Bebefood - Seasoned Laver Chops (Suitable for 10 months or above)

Bebefood - Seasoned Laver Chops (Suitable for 10 months or above)

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  • Product Features:
  • - Using a traditional Dolgim(seaweeds grown on the underwater rock) collected from the clean area in the West Coast, the product has deeper fragrance and more crunchy texture of the food.
  • - Using organic sugar containing calcium, vitamins, minerals, we have paid more attention to health than artificial sweetness.
  • - It contains the dried domestic materials to prevent unbalanced diet habits of children and have a variety of rich nutrients.
  • - Domestic sesame oil contains plenty of vitamin E. Dad-made Gulfweed boasts a more savory flavor using domestic sesame oil.
  • - Organic canola oil is low in saturated fat content and is the vegetable oil that is rich in
  • - Contents: 30g
  • - Made in Korea

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