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Togiya - Antibacterial Synthetic Rubber Cutting Board

Togiya - Antibacterial Synthetic Rubber Cutting Board

  • It is the number one cause of food poisoning. Synthetic rubber kinuta board is tasteless, odorless, and harmless. Received multi-purpose high evaluation, comprehensive and comprehensive hygiene professional.

  • Hygienic and eternally dry kinuta board Synthetic gypsum kinuta board is made of synthetic gypsum, so it does not absorb water and has good drainage.

  • Scratch-resistant and heat-resistant kinuta board Synthetic rubber cutting board has rubber-like sharpness, which is why it is soft and ground-contacting blade, not easily injured. Immediate injury, Soyakai's recollection marks. Knife blade model wood head, scratch resistant. Crawl is the secret to endurance.

  • Easy and clean kinuta board Synthetic magenta kinuta board does not absorb water, after washing with water, it can be quickly wiped with a cloth, and it is very convenient for maintenance. Of course, you can also use a kitchen bleaching machine.

  • Completely non-toxic, tasteless and safe kinuta board The synthetic rubber material used is tasteless, odorless and non-toxic, and has been passed by the public inspection agency.



  • Large: L437mm x W264mm x T12mm
  • Middle: L334mm x W263mm x T12mm
  • Small: L240mm x W180mm x T10mm



  • Large: 1.4kg
  • Medium: 1.25kg
  • Small: 1.1kg


Temperature Range:

  • Cold-resistant: -30°C
  • Heat-resistant: 130°C
Togiya brings the best Japanese products which made by traditional Japanese technology and computer technology with a comfortable and considerate Japanese life. We also provides Japanese maintenance (sharpening) services to customers to let them feel worthy to purchase our products!
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