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Togiya - Tenryu Hinoki Sugime Single Cutting Board (40004)

Sale Made in Japan
Togiya - Tenryu Hinoki Sugime Single Cutting Board (40004)


Hinoki Cypress
Hinoki is highly decay resistance, fragrance, with beautiful crest and good quality.

The 200-year-old natural cypress tree produced in the Tenryu district of Hamamatsu City in the northwestern tip of Shizuoka Prefecture, is a material with strong viscosity and high strength. It is recommended for high-hardness kitchen knives such as Damascus steel knives, Chinese kitchen knives and bone chopping.

Hinoki Cypress is also used for cutting board of fine dining restaurants in Japan.


  • Dimension: W330  x  D220  x  H20 mm
  • When using a chopping board, a small amount of it can be reused after it has been moistened. / Thorough washing after use, cleaning lotion (neutral lotion for usable kitchen) / After washing, dry water such as rags, and aeration-friendly local aeration storage. (Chopping board chopping board stand separately) / Direct sunlight, washing and drying machine, microwave oven cutting board bending or dehiscence cause, refusal. / Small amount of black spots, common starling, and problems with use. / Japanese-style grinding machine retouching (payment) / Customers themselves can sandpaper (# 240) Progress Small amount of black spot grinding and recreation. A small amount of black spots can be started. Thorough demand after use Cleansing, rubbing moisture, aeration with good aeration, low spots other than a small amount, small amount of partial aeration unnecessary.
Togiya brings the best Japanese products which made by traditional Japanese technology and computer technology with a comfortable and considerate Japanese life. We also provides Japanese maintenance (sharpening) services to customers to let them feel worthy to purchase our products!
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